The CLEMENT and FRERES Families of Harlange (and Dubuque and Chicago)

The FRERES, CLEMENT, and DEVILLE families lived in Harlange (aka Harlingen, or Harel, Luxembourg.) The children were generally given French or German names but those who went to the US were later known by the English equivalents. I'm using them accordingly. 

There was an exodus from the tiny country beginning around 1845 due to poor crops and a decline in mining activity. It became quite a movement from 1880 until 1910, and Chicago was a prime destination along with Dubuque IA, Ozaukee County WI, and some other places. Most of the people named here originated in the village of Harlange (Harlingen or Harel), population 300 in Luxembourg, at the northwest frontier with Belgium. 

They began emigrating to the US around 1871 and trickled over for the next thirty years. The first ones went to Dubuque, but then some moved on to Chicago. I've been investigating these intertwined families for some time.  What follows is my latest understanding of the situation. I would not have able to do it without the help of Laura KAYSER who gathered lots of data on the CLEMENT and FRERES families. These large families remained close over the years and across the ocean. There is an 1898 letter from Luxembourg to America with news from "your father Clement" as well as "your father Freres." 

Of course the families are separate other than being associated for a period of years. There were FRERES and CLEMENT families in other places so I can only cover those from Harlange and their descendents. I never intended to produce all this information, but on researching a couple of individuals, I kept finding more and more, and trying to integrate the new data into the rest. I thought others might find it useful so I posted it here.

Note: Those family members who were born in Luxembourg but emigrated to the US are maked thus: **

The CLEMENT Family

The CLEMENT family is complicated. For one thing, the CLEMENTs who came to the US weren't all from the same family, but some were cousins. Two CLEMENT cousins married two FRERES brothers.

Then, there are variations on the name, such as KLEMANS, CLEMENS, CLEMENTS, even CLAYMAN. The ones with C, I think, were making a French reference, while those with K had more of a German emphasis. When searching old records, any variation might come up. But there is no doubt they are the same people, and most of these variations don't appear in the Luxembourg records when you trace them back. It looks like a case of different devices being used by the newly arrived immigrants to preserve a European pronunciation different from the prevailing American patterns. Some people still write the name as CLÉMENT or CLEMENTS, or pronounce it as "Clemont." I think CLAYMAN was a census-taker's error.

Fritz CLEMENT owned restaurants or taverns in Chicago.  He had three sisters (Anne Marie FRERES,
Anni MICHELAU, and Josephine STORCK) who also lived in Chicago with their families, plus his cousin Marie CLEMENT who also married a FRERES.

We have to go back to Harlange to the marriage of Nicolas CLEMENT and Eva DUHR to see the whole picture.


Nicolas CLEMENT was the son of Lucas CLEMENT. Nicolas was born before 1770 in Niederwiltz, died Oct 7 1842 in Harlange. He married Eva DUHR or DÜR (>1774 Harlange -13 Mar 1842 Harlange) on Nov 30 1795. They had six children in Harlange:

  1. Catherine CLEMENT Sep 23 1797 m Jean Nicolas MERCK (Dec 1 1782-) on May 2 1827
  2. Andreas CLEMENT was born Oct 2 1800 and died Aug 28 1888 in Harlange. He married Marie Marguerithe FORMAN (Nov 6 1807 Baschleiden -Jul 29 1866), the daughter of Jean Joseph FORMAN and Marguerite HOSCHETTE, both of Baschleiden (Baschelt), on Feb 10 1834 in Harlange. They lived in the house named Duren, which was probably his mother Eva DUHR's inheritance, with his son Johann as of 1864. Two children:
    1. Johann (Jean) CLEMENT Aprl 21 1837 -Jun 4 1908, was a farmer at least from 1862 until 1867, but later a forestry guard. He married Marie Catherine SCHLEICH (born Feb 9 1839 at the Boulaide mill) on Feb 26 1862. See the CLEMENT-SCHLEICH Family below.   See also my Boulaide Mill webpage.
    2. Eve CLEMAN b Mar 13 1844 married Pierre LAHIR b Jun 16 1834 in Bigonville (Bondorf) on Feb 20 1868.
  3. Philippe CLEMENT, a farmer, was born Oct 10 1803 . He married Barbara CHARRÉ (Apr 22 1810 Harlange) on May 2 1832 in Harlange. She died before 1849. They had 5 children in Harlange:
  1. Marie Catherine CLEMENT Apr 2 1833, married Henri WINGERT (Mar 27 1830 Folschette- ) on Aug 10 1854.
  2. Michel CLEMENT June 26 1835**, married Marguerithe DEVILLÉ** (Feb 24 1830 Harlange- ) on Jan 31 1860. See the CLEMENT-DEVILLE Family below
  3. Guillaume CLEMENT Feb 6 1838**, married Marguerithe GUDEMBOURG (Mar 1 1835 Harlange- ) on Jun 14 1873. He later m Catherine NEUMANN. As of 1863 he was still living in Harlange. But he appears in the 1880 census for Dubuque with a wife named Elisabeth.
  4. Joseph CLEMENT May 19 1842
  5. Anne Marie CLEMENT Mar 8 1845
  1. Eve CLEMENT Aug 17 1806 m Michel SILIÈRE (Sep 22 1801 Harlange- ) on Jul 21 1835

  2. Pierre CLEMENT Mar 23 1812 m Catherine Josephine BOEUR (b Dec 12 1821, Steinbach-Limerlé Belgium) on Jul 31 1851

  3. Michel CLEMENT (Mar 20 1815 -Feb 5 1898 Tintange Belgium) m Marguerite WEICHER or WEICKER (b. 21 Jul 1818, Tintange, BE) on Jan 25 1842 in Tintange

** Throughout this webpage, the ** symbol indicates that that person emigrated to America


Johann (Jean) CLEMENT (born Aprl 21 1837 at Harlange, died June 4 1908 in Harlange) married Marie Catherine SCHLEICH (born Feb 9 1839 at the Boulaide mill, died some time after 1921) on Feb 26 1862. They lived in Harlange. Johann was a forestry-guard.

  1. Anne Marie CLEMENT** (March 1 1863 -May 24 1924) married Peter FRERES (1861- 1905). (continued below)
  2. Catharina CLEMENT (Sept 22 1864 - Jan 9 1901) m Michel KEIPES from Boulaide on Apr 25 1890.
  3. Eva CLEMENT (Feb 1 1867 -1962) m Henri GEORGES (Sep 7 1866- ) on Apr 23 1895. They lived in Petange and had 3 children Leo, Fritz, and Marie
  4. Maria CLEMENT (Sept 9 1868- 1953) m Nicolas MAYER (Jul 12 1874 Echternach- 1915) on Apr 29 1896. They had 6 children. Mr MAYER disappeared in the Belgian Congo in 1915.
  5. Anne Marie CLEMENT** Jan 5 1871- Oct 27 1943 m Peter MICHELAU
  6. Anna Catharina CLEMENT Sept 19 1872, died Dec 20 1873? (records unclear)
  7. Friedrich CLEMENT** Apr 6 1874, died 1932 Chicago
  8. Michel CLEMENT Sept 8 1878 – Jan 15 1879
  9. Andreas CLEMENT Sept 8 1878  - Jun 19 1976 m Marie KOEUNE from Harlange on Mar 13 1907.
  10. Josephine CLEMENT** Nov 8 1881, died 1948 m John Peter ("Jemp") STORCK** Jun 2 1887 - 1976

** all went to America

Anna Maria CLEMENT** (1863- 1924) was known as "Tanti Domi" here, but was referred to in Luxembourg as "Amelie" or "Amie." She was the oldest and first in her immediate family to arrive in the US in 1880, or at least she was not at home in November 1880 when the census was taken in Harlange). She arrived in Dubuque, Iowa, and married Peter FRERES (1861- 1905) who was also from Harlange on Apr 23 1885. They lived on a farm along Lincoln Avenue in Tessville (now Lincolnwood) IL. This FRERES family is detailed below. They had 12 children, of whom three died young. Anne Marie was widowed in 1905.

Catherina CLEMENT (1864- 1901) stayed in Luxembourg. She married Michel KEIPES who was born Dec 12, 1860 in Boulaide. He was the son of Nicolas KEIPES and Marguerithe ANSAY of Boulaide.  As of 1892 Michel and Catherina owned an inn, the "Hareler Poteau" at Poteau de Harlange, a tiny crossroads consisting of the inn and one house, midway between Boulaide and Harlange. Catherine died there in 1901. Then there was only a gas station and a house at the corner. The house was vacant for years until recently. The site was used for the filming of a Georges Simenon movie about the fictional “Commissaire Maigret” of the Paris Police.

Friedrich “Fritz” CLEMENT** was an interesting character. He was known according to the Luxemburger Gazette as "the Hareler Friedchen" (Harlange is also known as Harel.) He made his first of at least four trips to the US at age 19 in 1893. In Skokie in September 1897 he became godfather to his niece Margaret Mary Freres. Then he spent the winter of that year back in Harlange. He wrote back to his sister in Illinois that things had improved in Luxembourg, but after living in America, staying in the old country "seems impossible."  He returned to the US, in late February 1898.

On Aug 20, 1898 Fritz married Marie or Mary Ann BREGENZER (see picture at bottom of page) at St Teresa's Church in Chicago. Mary Ann was born in Luxembourg in 1878 and emigrated in 1898. Fritz was naturalized Oct 12, 1900. They lived in Chicago and had two children. Their son Freddy was born Aug 21 1900 and their daughter Seraphine was born Sep. 12, 1903. After suffering for 8 months from tuberculosis, Mary Ann died at age 26 on June 4, 1904.

On Nov l5, 1905 Fritz married Kate CLEMENT. They originally noticed each other because they had the same last name. She was born Sep 13, 1876 in Delphos, Ohio. Kate's father John was from Tontelange, in the Luxembourg Province of Belgium. He emigrated to Delphos OH around 1864. He was a prominent and conservative farmer in Delphos with a very large family. Kate did not fit in with the family and didn't stay around. She moved to Nebraska for a time, and in 1900 she was staying in Chicago with a cousin Henry Arendt on Schiller Street. Fritz and Kate were both parishoners at St Michael's Church in Old Town, and they were married by a Father BREGENZER. I don't know if that priest was related to Mary Ann BREGENZER.

In 1906 Fritz and Kate owned a bar and buffet restaurant located at Wells and Illinois Streets in Chicago. That was where Marie SCHULLER from the Boulaide mill went upon arriving in the US. Besides Fritz' tavern, Kate ran the boarding house where they lived. In 1912 they bought a restaurant at 758 W. Willow St. 

Seraphine was also known by the nickname "Girlie." The family suffered a tragedy when she died 28 Feb 1919 at St Elizabeth's Hospital in Chicago. She was buried Mar. 4, 1919 at St. Joseph Cemetery, age 15, occupation school girl, address 1432 Mohawk St. According to the family story, young Freddy had fatally shot his sister in a BB gun accident. However, her death record, which says her name was Catherine Clement, lists her cause of death as epilepsy. The doctor noted repeated attacks in the past.

Fritz seemed prosperous in his younger years, owning businesses and making several trips back to Harlange. Later he might have owned a pub on Lincoln Ave at Western. In 1920 Fritz was working as a truck driver for a bakery and his son Freddie was a printer.  In 1921 he applied for a passport but it was cancelled. He tried again in 1923 and went back to Harlange to visit his mother. He moved a lot, living at 193 Hudson St. (1900), 169 Hudson (1904), 1708 Devon Av. (1910), 1432 Mohawk St. (1920), 4808 Leghorn St. (1923), 2451 Howard Street (1932) in Chicago.

Freddie married Mae Wehrheim and they had two daughters, Jean and Rita. He was uneasy about bringing the grandchildren near Fritz where there were unsavory characters. Fritz was reported to be making "bathtub gin" in those years, an activity also practiced by Kate's brother Hubert. He suffered from tuberculosis and died poor on Nov 19, 1932. Freddie lived at 3645 N Oakley Ave. He died May 16, 1941 and is buried in St Joseph's, River Grove.

Kate was a favorite aunt to all the children throughout both Fritz's and her families, remembered fondly for her kindness and her good cooking! She was a colorful character who was a little deaf and who talked loudly. But it's reported that she was a bad stepmother to Fred. She eventually (1950s) moved back to Delphos, Ohio, near some of her 12 siblings, but returned to Chicago for visits. She died Jun 25, 1966 at a long-term facility in Ohio.

On returning to to the US in late February 1898, Fritz brought his sister Anni CLEMENT**, the one born in 1871. She had been working in Paris the year before to earn money for her passage. Her future husband Peter MICHELAU also from Harlange was on the boat as well. They both emigrated from Harlange, where one would assume they knew each other. But they were not traveling together; they happened to be on the same ship, and then they were surprised to encounter each other again in Chicago. They married and settled in Evanston, at 205 Asbury, where they owned a large complex of greenhouses. They had 8 children:  Fred "Fritz" MICHELAU, Mary ENDRE, Barbara "Bebe" STEFFEN, Magdelyn Helen "Mic" WINANDY, Michael MICHELAU, Joseph "Spiv" MICHELAU, Agnes STICKLER, John P "Slim" "Jim" MICHELAU, and Margaret MICHELAU. See my Michelau page for the details.

With so many of his siblings flocking to America, 18-year-old Andreas or André CLEMENT wanted to follow, but his parents would not allow it, according to an 1897 letter that has been preserved. So he stayed in Harlange and met Marie "Marech" KOEUNE. She was born in Harlange on Sep 1 1883. They married on Mar 13 1907 and had 5 children: Marie (1908-2005, m Jules GRISSE), Josephine, Jean, Raymond (1916-1974, m Germaine LEISEN), and Eugene CLEMENT. Andreas lived until 1976. His granddaughter still lives in the ancestral house in Harlange which has been passed down in the same family for 200 years.

Josephine CLEMENT, the youngest, and her husband John Peter STORCK sold their house and furniture in Harlange in 1914 and came to the US. They came much later than the rest, along with their two kids, plus John Henry MICHELAU (another brother of Peter and John Peter) and his wife Susanne (SALENTINY), their two kids, and Susanne's father. André and Anna STORCK were born in Harlange in 1911 and 1913 respectively. After the family came to the US seven more children were born : Mary, Joseph, Josephine, Catherine, Margaret, August, and Agnes STORCK. The family soon settled on a farm near Racine, Wisconsin.

In 1921 Anne Marie FRERES and her sister Anni MICHELAU went back to Luxembourg for a visit, returning on Nov. 17. There is a picture below of them and their relatives at Poteau de Harlange. Fritz CLEMENT was there around the same time and he came back on Dec 8.  That's about the time their mother's (Marie Catherine, nee Schleich) health was failing.


These other CLEMENT family members turn out to be second cousins of the CLEMENT family above. They showed up in the records at St Henry's church in Rogers Park, Chicago. (Thanks to Laura KAYSER.)

Michel CLEMENT** was born at Harlange June 26 1835, the son of Philippe CLEMENT and Barbara CHARRE. He died March 28, 1885. He married Margarite DEVILLḖ**, born at Harlange Feb 24 1830, the daughter of Nicolas DEVILLḖ (Jun 10 1796 Bigonville) and Catherine FASBINDER. She died July 24, 1884. They married on Jan 31 1860. Michel emigrated to Dubuque between 1871-1874 and they show up in the 1880 census there (Mike CLAYMAN, laborer, 1553 Maple Street). They had the following children:

  1. Catherine CLEMENT ** (Jan 1 1861- May 3  1929) m Michael FRERES ** (Nov 13 1856- Nov 13 1932) (Their story continues below under #5 in the Michel FRERES- Anna KNEIP section)
  2. Marie CLEMENT** (Feb 16 1863- Jul 9 1944) Her godparents were Wilhelm CLEMENT and Marie SCHLEICH
  3. Margaretha CLEMENT May 5 1865- Jun 26 1867
  4. Stillborn Aug 27 1869
  5. Anne Marie Madelène "Lena" CLEMENT**  (Jan 22, 1871- Aug 9, 1884)
  6. Annie CLEMENT born September 21, 1874 in Iowa, died August 1, 1880.  

We have a list of the names of the members of the DEVILLE (also given as DEVILLÉ) family of Harlange, and we know that some of them settled in Dubuque Iowa, but we aren't sure of the correlation. Apparently there were other members of the DEVILLE family also living in Dubuque. Another Margaretha DEVILLE in Dubuque married a John Samual YOUNG. Although the relationship is unclear, there is a family photo from 1911. Her brother Johann DEVILLE** was born on August 19, 1831, in Harlange. He married Margaretha SCHECH or SHEECK** on November 24, 1862, in Harlange. They had seven children in 15 years. He died in 1896 in Dubuque, Iowa, at the age of 65.

Incidentally, there was also a DEVILLE family of Heiderscheid, one of whom, Martin, married Catherine MICHELAU (born Apr 6 1827 in Merscheid). Some of their DEVILLE descendents ended up in Minnesota and South Dakota.  See my Michelau page for details.

Michel's (Michael) was undoubtedly the first CLEMENT family to settle in the US. Catherine CLEMENT reported 1871 as her immigration date.

Catherine ("Katie") CLEMENT worked as a servant in Dubuque at that time. She moved to Chicago after marrying Michael FRERES in 1881. They lived in the Lakeview area of Chicago and the children attended Rose Hill School. In 1903 they purchased the house at 1540 Thome Ave for $2000.

Marie "Mary" CLEMENT moved from Dubuque to Evanston and worked as a cook and housekeeper. Later she moved to Los Angeles and worked as a seamstress, then as a domestic for a wealthy family. According to her family, Mary had some sort of a scandalous aspect to her past, never talked about, perhaps a divorce. She is remembered as a favorite aunt "Mamie," who loved to wear elaborate hats.

But, recent research shows a different picture. After moving to Chicago, Mary CLEMENT attempted to poison her sister Catherine's family in 1885, according to several newspaper accounts, and was suspected of earlier killing her parents and two sisters back in Dubuque. Those four deaths seem suspicious. Since this is getting pretty far from genealogy, I moved the story to a separate Mary Clement webpage.


Miscellaneous CLEMENTs in Harlange

Some other CLEMENTs who lived in Harlange at the time have appeared in the records. So far there is no connection to the ones above, but I've included them for the sake of completeness. These were all born in Harlange U.N.O. after the date, and all married at Harlange:

Line 1 Catherine CLEMENT (c 1734- ) m Peter STEIFFER or STEIWER (1729- ) in Harlange, in 1759

Line 2 Jean-Nicolas CLEMENT, provenance unknown, died in Harlange on Oct 13 1806. He was married to Marie MANTERNACH (?- >1809). They had two children:

  1. Barbe CLEMENT (Dec 7 1781- ) m Corniel WAGNER (1780 Heinerscheid- ) on Jan 9 1809
  2. Nicolas CLEMENT (Oct 22 1785- ) m Elisabeth KAERGER or KERGER (Dec 8 1791 Insenborn) on Dec 9 1812. They had two children:
  1. Barbe CLEMENT (Feb 20 1811- ) m Hubert Paul BATTER (Jan 25 1809 Mande St Eienne PL BE- ) on May 15 1833
  2. Nicolas CLEMENT (Jul 10 1815- ) m Marie Catherine KOBS (Feb 7 1813 Harlange- ) on Nov 29 1848. They had one daughter Marie CLEMENT (Nov 27 1840- ) m Pierre Joseph MÉLAN (Jan 7 1842 Boeur BE- ) on Jan 23 1866 in Winseler.

Line 3 Pierre CLEMENS (sic) is listed as the son of Anne Marie CLEMENS. Pierre (Nov 18 1824 Hollenfels-Mar 9 1901 Tarchamps) m1 Anne WEISGERBER sometime before 1877. She died Feb 13 1882 then he m2 Marie Elisabeth PELLUS (Dec 26 1852 Tarchamps- ) on Sep 8 1882

Thanks Rob Deltgen. His webpage lists the marriages in Harlange and other towns.

The FRERES Family

Early History in Luxembourg

Michel FRERES was born about 1718 in ex Surré (Syr), Luxembourg, died Aug 23 1808 in Harlange. He married Marie-Jeanne b abt 1721. They had a son Nicolas FRERES, born in 1748 in ex Surré, Luxembourg, and died Aug 23 1808 in Harlange. He married Catherine Anne GOOSSE in 1775 but she died on Mar 7 1794. He next married Marie-Jeanne MELCHIOR on Mar 5 1798 in Harlange. The FRERES-GOOSSE family had two children:

  1. Anne Catherine FRERES (Mar 14 1777- Apr 5 1805) married Pierre REICHLING on Jul 18 1803.
  2. Pierre FRERES born Mar 10 1783 in Harlange, died May 6 1831 in Harlange.

Pierre FRERES, Mar 10 1783- May 6 1831 married Elisabeth FRANCK, born in Surré and died Jan 22 1818. She was the daughter of Jean FRANCK and Catherine WELTER. They lived in Harlange. Their children, all born in Harlange, were

  1. Guillaume FRERES born about 1800, died Dec 31 1817 in Harlange
  2. Nicolas FRERES Nov 23 1805 or 1806- May 25 1829 in Harlange
  3. Michel FRERES Nov 14 1808- ?
  4. Marguerithe FRERES Dec 13 1810- ?
  5. Marie Catherine FRERES born Aug 23 1813- died Feb 15 1837 in Surré

We know that Elisabeth died on Jan 22 1818. Then on Sept 1, 1819  Pierre married Catherine HEINEN. She was born Apr 23, 1795 in Grumelange (now in Belgium), the daughter of Michel HEINEN (Heynen)and Anne Marie RAUSCH. She died Oct 31, 1884. The list continues with their children, all born in Harlange,

  1. Michel FRERES** born Nov 6 1820 in Harlange, died July 31, 1891 in Chicago. He married Anna Maria KNEIP. See The Michel FRERES- Anna KNEIP Family next paragraph.
  2. Antoine FRERES Mar 19 1823- Feb 19 1831 in Harlange
  3. Remacle FRERES** Mar 16 1825 See The Remacle FRERES- Susan KNEIP Family below
  4. Nicolas FRERES Dec 4 1826 m Anne Marie HOFFMAN (1838-1882) on May 26 1869 in Harlange, 2 children Marie-Thérèse FRERES who married Jean-Baptiste Van Arlot in Brussels, and Jean FRÈRES (b April 27 1875 in Harlange) who married Elisabeth GRETZ on Dec 18 1899 in Esch-sur-Sûre. 
  5. Jean Baptiste FRERES Mar 17 1829- Mar 8 1831 in Harlange
  6. Nicolas FRERES Nov 10 1830- Feb 24 1831  in Harlange

The Michel FRERES- Anna KNEIP Family

Michel FRERES ** (#6) and four of his children, plus at least two of his brother Remacle's children (#8), all came to America. Michel was not the first to emigrate, but he was the earliest-born of his entire family to do so. He married Anna Maria KNEIP (b Aug 13 1825 Winseler) in Harlange on Oct 15 1845. They lived in Harlange in the house named Neckels. He was a day-laborer according to the 1867 census. His mother Catherine Heinen (b Apr 15 1793 Grumelange) also lived with them. Of their many children, four emigrated to the US around 1880. Michel himself didn't emigrate until 1888, presumably after the death of his wife, since there is no record of her being here. He died in Chicago on July 31, 1891. 

  1. Susanne FRERES born Mar 31 1846, died Jan 17 1851 in Harlange
  2. Marie Catherine FRERES** born Feb 21 1849, died 1893 in Tessville (renamed Lincolnwood around 1935), m Dominique (Dominic) KLEIN** on Feb 12 1872 in Chicago. He was b Apr 20 1843 in Harlange, Luxembourg, d 10 Aug 1905 in Skokie, Illinois. He was a gardener, the son of Henri KLEIN b March 10 1813, farmer in Harlange but born in Roodt, and Anna FELLER b Nov 3 1811. They had 11 children, some unknown: 
  1. Mary Margaret KLEIN b May 16 1875 in Chicago, d May 19, 1919 in Chicago, m Peter C THILL on Oct 27 1896, b June 26, 1875 in Buffalo, NY, d Sep 15 1936 in Chicago. Their children were Mary Frances THILL 1897 – 1981, Catharine Helen THILL 1898 – 1949, Clara L THILL 1899 –, Joseph Nicolas THILL 1901 – 1946 (m Pearl E HERMANN 1911 – 1972), Edward Eugene THILL 1902 – 1955, John Peter THILL 1903 – 1903, Dorothy "Dora" Margaret THILL 1904 – 1966, Raymond Henry THILL 1906 – 1947, Martha THILL 1907 – 1995, George Celester "Lester" or "Les" THILL 1909 – 1951, Clarence D THILL 1915 – 1978.
  2. Henry Nicholas KLEIN b June 1, 1878 in Tessville (recorded as child #5 for this mother), d Oct 27, 1957 in Chicago, m Mary REICHLING on Sep 4, 1900. Children Dominick KLEIN 1901 – 1901, Elizabeth Mary KLEIN 1902 – 1930, Henry Nicholas KLEIN 1904 –, Cecilia Dorothy KLEIN 1908 –, Margaret Mildred KLEIN 1909 – 1981, Marian Elizabeth KLEIN 1911 – 1967, Dorothy Catherine KLEIN 1913 – 1940, Genevieve KLEIN 1914 – 1917, Katherine KLEIN 1916 –, Robert Edward KLEIN 1920 –
  3. Helena Elizabeth "Katie" KLEIN Aug 13 1880 in Tessville, (twin, recorded as child #6) d Mar 20 1939 in Evanston, m Nicholas WEBER in Skokie July 13 1897. He was b May 12 1875 in Luxembourg and d Oct 17 1954. They had 12 children including Dominick Mathias WEBER 1898–1977, Katherine WEBER 1899–, Maria WEBER 1899–, Catharine WEBER 1899–, Margaret WEBER 1900–1924, Henry V WEBER 1902–, John WEBER 1904–, Matthew WEBER 1905–1915. Helen WEBER 1911–
  4. Katie KLEIN Aug 13 1880 in Tessville (twin, recorded as child #7)
  5.  Peter KLEIN  Sep 15 1882 in Lake View – died before 1900
  6. Mathias KLEIN Feb 4 1884 – Feb 8 1941 married Mollie EGGERT on June 8 1912 in Chicago
  7. Michael KLEIN Feb 26 1886 d Jan 30 1956 in Random Lake WI– m Emma B SEVERSON Feb 11, 1880, Eaton WI, d Jan 30 1956 Random Lake WI, on April 11 1905
  8. Dominic John KLEIN Apr 7 1892 – Apr 22 1927 m Louise Marie BOEKENHAUER March 12 1896-Jun 26 1946 Evanston, on Feb 18 1918 in Evanston. Daughter Frances Louise KLEIN Jul 29 1920- Mar 1 1995 m Mark KLUNK
  9. Rose Margaret KLEIN Aug 28 1894 baptized Aug 31
  1. Nicolas FRERES born Mar 13 1852, died Apr 18 1874 in Harlange
  2. Marie FRERES born Jan 8 1855 in Winseler, died May 5 1856 in Harlange
  3. Michel FRERES** (Nov 13 1856 Harlange- Nov 13 1932 Chicago) m Catherine CLEMENT** (born Jan 1 1861- died May 2 1929, the daughter of Michel CLEMENT and Margarite DEVILLE). Michael emigrated in 1880. Catherine and her family had been here since 1871.  They married on May 18 1881 St Henry's, Chicago. They had a small farm at Rose Hill, Chicago, and later a house on Thome Avenue. He was a carpenter. They had three children plus four who died young. In 1930, after Catherine's death, Michael stayed with his son Dominick (1035 Dobson St., Evanston). Most of the family including Michael Senior (1820) are buried together in St Henry's Cem.
    1. Margaret FRERES (Jun 5 1882- Sep 14 1946 Chicago) m Frank N. HANSEN (Jul 29 1877 Chicago- Jul 29 1967, Skokie), on Apr 16 1902. Children: Catherine HANSEN, Francis [Anne] HANSEN, Wendelin [Elsie] HANSEN, Gilbert [Irene] HANSEN,  Richard [Mary Jeanne] HANSEN, and Marian [James] DALEIDEN
    2. Michael F. FRERES Dec 12 1883- Jul 4 1966  m1 Anna E. Nilles (July 12, 1883, Chicago- Dec. 8, 1931 Chicago) in 1907, and m2 Marie Z. GUIRSCH (- Nov 22 1962 Florida) on Jun 6 1936
    3. Dominick E. "Tom" FRERES Apr 19 1886- Oct 1 1964 m Mary "Mayme" or "Mamie" MUNO (Apr 4 1887- Jun 2 1970) on Dec 5 1908. Children were Mary Jane (Dec 1922-?), Thomas [Rita O'Neil] FRERES (1924-Sep 20 1995), Genevieve "Wheezie" FRERES (Jan 1926- Feb 19 1984) and Mary Jane [Robert] KRUMHOLZ
    4. Frederic Michael FRERES Jul 18 1888- Dec 3 1891
    5. Joseph Mathias FRERES Dec 1890- Feb 6 1891
    6. Maria Catherine FRERES Feb 2 1895- 1895
    7. Johnie FRERES 1896- 1896  (the last four were buried at St Henry's.)
  4. Jean FRERES born Jun 14 1859 in Harlange, died Dec 17 1865 in Harlange

  5. Peter FRERES** born Nov 6 1861 Harlange (listed as Johann Peter FRERES), emigrated in 1882 and arrived in Dubuque. He died Feb 5 1905 at age 43, in Niles Center IL. He m Anne Marie CLEMENT** (daughter of  Johann CLEMENT and Marie Catherine SCHLEICH born March 3 1863- died May 24 1924 in Chicago.) They married in Dubuque Iowa on Apr 23 1885.  Peter and Anne Marie moved to Illinois and lived on a farm on the west side of Ridge Av in 1890, then along Lincoln Ave. at Tessville (now Lincolnwood) IL, where the KLEIN, LINSTER and KOPP families were their neighbors. Peter was a gardener. He suffered two months with dysentery before he died. They are buried in St Henry's Cem. They had 13 children.
    1. Peter FRERES Sep 22 1884- 1887
    2. Catherine FRERES Feb 2 1886- Sep 15 1886
    3. Seraphine "Finny" or "Phine" FRERES Feb 2 1886- Nov 10 1968 m Anthony SEUL  (b 1876 in Northfield IL) on Jun 12 1907. Children: Francis [Pat], Rudolph, Erwin, and Aloysius SEUL, Irene GRINER, and Florence KIRSCHEN 
    4. Peter Michael FRERES Feb 26, 1887- Aug 21 1887, age 5 months
    5. Michael Peter FRERES May 21 1889- 1889
    6. Mathias Peter "Mutz" FRERES (May 14 1890- Jul 6 1966) m Louise WEBER (April 30 1889- May 4 1974) on May 23 1917. Children: Mathias P. "Yie" [Genevieve "Gene" Blameuser], Robert [Rosemary], and James [Grace FENLON {REILAND}] FRERES (-May 16 1973) and Lucille [Fred] MILLER
    7. John "Jack" FRERES Jun 10 1891- Nov 26 1961 m Ella PROESEL (Sep 16 1891 -Jul 29 1971) Children: John (Audrey) FRERES, Gerald FRERES and Ruth (Homer) GONZALES
    8. Friedrich FRERES 1893-1894
    9. Margaret Ann "Maggie" FRERES (Aug 26 1894- Dec 28 1974) m Lawrence John ELSEN (May 16 1895 -Sep 20 1962) on Nov 5 1924. Daughter: Rosemary [Charles Edward] BARTLETT 
    10. Mary Margaret FRERES (Sep 7 1897- Jan 7 1980 Modesto CA) m Charles William LINSTER (Sep 26 1896-Aug 1969) on Jun 27 1917.  Their children were Marion (1919-1927), Alphonse, Richard (Oct 1 1922), Jack, and William Robert LINSTER (1928-1973), and Marion [Donald] BARRY
    11. Anna Marie "Annie" FRERES Apr 18 1899- Oct 7 1988 m Ludovice ("Louis M") KNOCKAERT (Apr 14 1898- Dec 10 1962) on Feb 11 1920. Children: Adeline (-Mar 1 1964) [Fred R.] PESCHE, Doris K. VITEK, Rosemary [John W.] WEBER, and Patricia [Peter C.] MARVIN
    12. Peter Matthew FRERES Apr 3 1900- Sep 16 1973 m1 (Sep 2 1925) Clara GUENTHER (Feb 3 1905- Jan 20 1942, in childbirth, along with the baby) m2 Grace REISEL (-Sep 2 1983). Children:  Peter (Jan 19 1929- Aug 10 1992)[Carole] and Ralph (Aug 4 1934-1995) [Kathy] FRERES, Eleanor [Bernard] BRAUN and Rose Mary [Dennis] GABEL
    13. Joseph "Joe" FRERES Apr 22 1901- Jan 29 1992 m Alvina "Toots" NEWMAN
    14. Rose Marie "Roe"  FRERES Aug 23 1902- Jan 9 1992 in Rhinelander WI, m John KOPP on Oct 17 1923. The KOPP family were neighbors in Tessville. One child Charles KOPP 1934-1963
    15. Francis R "Hanz" FRERES Sep 24 1903- Sep 22 1979 m Mary GILSMER (1909-) on Apr 22 1926
  6. Matthias (Matthew) FRERES** (born Jun 19 1865, emigrated 1881, died Feb 3 1923 Chicago) Note: One source says Remacle FRERES was born Jun 19 1864 in Harlange but we think this was Matthew (same birthdate, one year off. Also, another Remacle ) Matthew married Margaret GUIRSCH** (daughter of Martin Guirsch and Mary Thill, born at Bissen, Mersch, Luxembourg Apr 9 1863, emigrated 1869 or 1870, died Mar 22 1940 in Chicago.) They married on Apr 26, 1887 at Chicago Heights IL. They owned a saloon or pool hall on Clark Street at Carmen Ave and lived there too. Matthew is buried in St Boniface Cem. They had 3 daughters born at Evanston IL. 
    1. Marie FRERES Nov 29 1887- Mar 13 1969 m John F NILLES (Feb 27 1886- May 6 1936) on Jun 5 1912
    2. Christine Helen FRERES Jan 2 1891- Mar 1955 m Henry August WILLE (Aug 4 1893- May 26 1990) on Nov 17 1920. Their daughter was Jean WILLE (Jun 30 1926- Jul 3 1999)
    3. Anna L FRERES Jan 11 1895- Sep 24 1977
    4. They had another child who died young

** Marie Catherine, Michael, Peter, and Matthew went to America. There are indications these four siblings maintained a close relationship. There is a picture of the four of them from about 1882. In 1883 Marie Catherine KLEIN became the godmother of young Michael FRERES. On April 11, 1900, according to the German newspaper, Michel, Pierre, and Mathias FRERES, and Katherine KLEIN, living in Lake Side, Chicago, jointly sold their property in Harlange, Luxembourg.

Cook County citizenship records appear as follows but have not been checked:
Matthew Freres Jul 11 1892
M Freres 1888
Michael Freres Oct 6 1889
Peter Freres Oct 18 1880

The Remacle FRERES- Susan KNEIP Family 

On June 24, 1890 Michel FRERES** (#6), age 65, and Remacle FRERES** (#8), age 60, departed on the ship Westerland, both going from Harlange to Chicago, according to the newspaper. Their ages are a little off since Michel was b 1820 and Remacle was b 1825.

Remacle FRERES ** was born March 16, 1825 in Harlange, married Susanne Kneip (born Oct 9 1826 in Winseler and died Jan 21 1872 in Watrange.) They married in Harlange on Oct 5 1846 but lived in Winseler, then Watrange for a time before moving to Harlange. They had the following children:

  1. Remacle FRERES date unknown, 1849 in Winseler
  2. Nicolas FRERES Nov 11 1847 Winseler, married Catherine LEIDER (b Jan 31 1853 in Harlange) on Oct 3 1876, and still living in Harlange as of 1909 (cited in DECHAMBRE ship manifest, see #10.)
  3. Marie FRERES (Dec 28 1849 Winseler -Jan 26 1892 Harlange) m Jean SIEBENALLER b Aug 29 1848 Baschleiden. 2 children b Harlange
  4. Heinrich FRERES** Mar 1 1852 in Winseler. He married Susanne DOMINICY** (born 1853 in Luxembourg). They immigrated in 1883 and lived in Dubuque Iowa at least from 1909 until 1920. They had the following children:
    1. Cecelia (Ceal) born around 1889 in Iowa, unmarried as of 1920
    2. Catherine (Kate) born around 1893. She married Henry Vanderwijst, Vanderwyst after 1909
    3. Susie was at home in 1909 but not in 1920
  5. Peter FRERES May 4 1852 in Winseler
  6. Margaretha FRERES** Jul 27 1856 in Winseler. She came to the US on April 26 1879 and married Theobald "Thibeau" BOHRMANN (a.k.a. BORMAN, BORDMAN) on Oct 1 1881. They lived in Des Plaines Illinois, and he died before 1908.
  7. Jacob FRERES Nov 21 1858 Winseler- Jan 21 1865 Watrange
  8. Maria Margaretha FRERES Dec 8 1860 Winseler. Presumably this was the Anne Marie FRERES** who married Peter BERG and they lived in Chicago.
  9. Nicolas FRERES** Oct 8 1862 Watrange. He married Anna REDESKE, in Cook County on Oct 07 1883.
  10. Marie FRERES** Sep 3 1866 Watrange. She married Peter DECHAMBRE** (born April 2 1867 in Boulaide) on Jan 31 1894 in Harlange. They arrived in New York in November 1909, and came to Chicago, with their 7 children who were all born in Boulaide. According to Ellis Island records they were on their way to the home of Margaret BORMAN (#6 above). Their children were: Remacle** Oct 14 1895 [Barbara CONRAD], Anna** Dec 24 1896 [CONRAD], Joseph** Oct 22 1898 [Elizabeth], Josephine** Sep 18 1900 [BREDEN], Nicolas** May 15 1902 [Dorothy THILL, then Elizabeth HARRIGAN], Victor** 1903, and Elise** 1905 [NIELSON]. They lived in Evanston IL. Peter DECHAMBRE died Nov 21 1937. In later reports Remacle, born 1895, was known as Mathias, and Elise as Elizabeth.
  11. Margaretha FRERES Feb 14 1871 Watrange- Jan 14 1895 Watrange.

There was a Peter FRERES** born about 1853 (he was age 25 at the time of his arrival in the US on the Vaderland April 26, 1879.) (We think this Peter FRERES is probably #5 above, although he listed Belgium as his provenance. Also on the boat were Michel FRERES** age 22 and Nicolas FRERES** age 11, who are otherwise unidentified.) 

Peter married Susanna GOETZINGER** (b Jun 13 1858 probably in Beringen, Luxemburg, died Chicago Aug 30 1918.) Peter traveled with Susanna and her brother, sister, and mother, and then on July 23 1879, they married in Chicago. They had one child Peter FRERES (Aug 31 1884 -Aug 1974.) He m Clara BOLLIN (1885- Sep 13 1966.) Peter and Clara FRERES had a large family: Max (Rosemary) FRERES, Susie STEFFEN, Clara, Katie, Peter, and Fred (Stephanie) FRERES, Eleanor (Leo) PETRALIA, Anna (Joseph) DONNELL, Josephine "Dolly" (Clarence) ZIEMAN, Mildred KASPER, and Violet (Joseph) RYLKO. 

Susanna had a sister Katherina C GOETZINGER** (June 17 1857 Beringen, Luxembourg -June 17 1925 Chicago) m Peter Scholtes (Dec 6 1850 Luxembourg - in Feb 22 1904 Chicago). Both families lived in Rose Hill, Chicago.

This Remacle FRERES section is a compilation from different sources, revised April 2007 with latest findings by Rob Deltgen. This is the best fit, although still not completely certain, and a couple of these names could be misplaced.

Miscellaneous FRERES

In spite of most of the odd FRERES names having now been placed above, there are still some loose ends. They apparently lived in Harlange for a short time. They might belong to the above familes, or maybe not:

  1. Appolinaire FRERES b Apr 9 1834 in Hellange m Elisabeth Dieudonnée PERRIN on May 19 1858. They lived in Hellange.
  2. Madeline FRERES b May 6 1853 in Surré. She m Nicolas LORANG on Feb 28 1881. She was the daughter of Henri FRERES and Madeleine KOOB of Surré.
  3. Marguerite FRERES was born Sep 17 1877 in Surré. She married Jacques RAUSCH on Feb 11 1907.
  4. Catherine FRERES b Feb 26 1879 in Bettingen, m Nicolas HOPP on Apr 27 1899.
  5. Julie FRERES b Apr 29 1880 in Koerich m Jean STORCK on Oct 25 1905. She was the daughter of Jean-Pierre FRERES and Marie HERMES.
  6. Elizabeth FRERES married Ignatius VOCHEL in Cook County IL on Sep 21, 1876.
  7. Jean-Baptiste FRERES**, age 20 in 1906, so born around 1885, who came to America with Marie SCHULLER**. He was from Harlange but he was not born there. And we don't know who his parents were or whether he stayed in the US.
  8. John B FRERES, born Oct 6, 1885, died on May 22,1973, married Maratha BUESSING, a widow from the Chicago area (she died around 1960.) They lived in Racine and Watertown, Wisconsin. He looks like the same person as #7. There were other Freres individuals in Racine.
  9. Margaret FRERES, maiden name KIRSCH, was the godmother for 
  10.  Margaret KLEIN, born Aug 28 1894 and baptized at St Peters Church in Skokie

Anna Marie CLEMENT in Dubuque around 1885   


The wedding of Fritz CLEMENT and Marie BREGENZER, August 2, 1898.
His sister Anne Marie FRERES at far left, and sister Anni CLEMENT (future wife of Peter MICHELAU) at far right. 
More pictures of Anni are on the
Michelau page.
The other men have not been identified yet

1921 visit to Harlange. The signpost reads "Poteau de Harlange" which is the name of a crossroads outside of town. Top left to right: unidentified, Annie MICHELAU, Anne-Marie FRERES, Katherina LEITER. The three women traveled together. Katherina was also from Evanston, and also born in Harlange. She was Peter Michelau's cousin, an Evanston neighbor, and fellow greenhouse-owner.

Bottom, Frédéric SCHLEICH of Baschleiden and Marie-Catherine CLEMENT. Frédéric was Marie-Catherine's brother. (Thanks to Richard Linster for recognizing him.) The man on the right is still unidentified. 

Thanks again to René Daubenfeld, Laura Kayser, Richard Linster, Rob Deltgen, Jim Storck, Julie Ann Trenkamp, and others. I would appreciate any additions or corrections, and especially more pictures. I can't show everything here, but if you are attached to any of these families, I can probably help you with your own research. I'm always looking for new information. I'm collecting old pictures from the Clement and Freres families. There are still many Freres family pictures that have not been. mailto://

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